Happy New Year 2015 !!


Don’t you just love beginnings? The hope, the optimism, the fresh new pep in your step? That’s how I feel about the dawn of a new year. It’s a chance to start over, to get it right, to take a step in the right direction.

So, I’m raising my glass this first day of 2015 to everything new. New dreams, new successes, new achievements, and a new realization that the only limitations we have, are those we accept in our minds.

Happy New Year people!

Disclaimer 2 2 . 01 . 2015 : just found this lurking in my ‘draft’ folder and realize it didn’t get published. Oops! It’s still (barely) January though,  so here goes!

My ‘almost’ travel woes


I have a newfound respect for people who trawl embassies trying to emigrate.

I mean, I’m not even trying to emigrate, but these last few days I have received some of the most appalling treatment ever, from an embassy. I’ll do a full review AFTER I have gotten my passport ( and hopefully visa) back, lol. Gats to stay smart. 😎

So this is me at 1:27 am, trawling http://www.flightstats.com (shout out to you guys by the way,  your Android app is amazing!!) trying to find a flight, more like series of flights, that will permit me catch up to my plans for the rest of the week. I think I’ve found a route via 3 different airlines with acceptable arrival time at destination. (Bored with this yet? Hang on a little longer. There’s a point in here somewhere). Email sent off for ticket confirmation, and all I can do now is wait. So I get back into bed. And then the doubts start rolling in. Will my flight be on time? Will I miss the connections? What do I do if the flights get cancelled?

My biggest fear and the point I’m trying to make? The aviation industry in this part of the world is rubbish!!! Oh, we’ve got (minimal) coverage. What we cannot pretend to have is reliability. I’ve had flights cancelled without warning  flight times brought forward  (!!!!!!), postponed for a week, consistently late, etc. And of course, all this without any notification whatsoever.

So I’m here sweating blood,  shitting bricks and begging God to give me a break, otherwise my hair’s gonna start falling out from the stress. And this seemed like the perfect place to rant.

Lol, sorry.

PS : I’m getting good at typing long paragraphs on a purely touchscreen phone. Yay me!
PPS : any typos are down to the phone. Grammatical errors are all mine tho. Forgive me. I’m sleepy.

All this ‘Feminist’ Bulls***


I’m a feminist.

Weren’t expecting that when you read the title of this post, were you?

Yup, I’m a feminist. I’m a black, passionate, overweight young woman with nappy hair and a propensity for headwraps and African fabric.

I also love makeup, heels, romcoms, and a man who will take care of me (yes, those are my words).

War of the opposites, you might think? NO!

I don’t know how many times this needs to be said. I guess as long as there are clueless people out there, this will be a pet peeve of mine.

Feminism is not about men. It’s not about man-hating, man-bashing, man-annihilating, or any other anti-men propaganda.

Feminism is about choices and opportunities.

It’s about the choice to wear trousers or a skirt, about the choice to have children or not, about the choice to get married at 25 or 45. It’s about the opportunity to go to school, the opportunity to study industrial weldering, the opportunity to be a professional footballer, the opportunity to be CEO of a Fortune 500 company.

Dear men, I don’t want to be you. I know that you have it difficult in your own way. All I want to do is to be me, a me free from societal obligations, expectations and limitations – a me free to dream dreams unhampered by gender inequality – the best me I can be.

Is that seriously too much to ask?

I don’t want to be passed over for a promotion at work, because my boss is afraid next year when he needs me I’ll go on maternity leave. I don’t want to not be invited to the management office party, because the top brass need to bring their girlfriends/need to go to the strip club/don’t like fraternising with women. I don’t want to be afraid to build a house, as that will scare eligible young bachelors away/attract the gigolos/make a man feel like I don’t need him. I don’t want to have to worry about a 9-5 work day and then dinner for  a man who got off work at 3pm and has been since parked on the couch, scratching his b**** and waiting for me to come and cook.

I want to be respected for my intelligence, my hard work, my determination, my success. I want to be appreciated for the line of my neck and the curve of my hips, as well as for my passion and compassion. I want a man to choose to hold my door and chair, while accepting that I could do those things if I wanted. I

I am a feminist, but I am also a woman. Both do not have to be mutually exclusive.


Have you heard of HONY?


About  seven months ago, I saw a very intriguing picture on Facebook.

Turns out it was profile picture for Humans of New York, a blog by Brandon Stanton.

The blog catalogues Brandon’s pictures of random  people on the streets of New York, and he gets them to talk about themselves. Recently Brandon also went on a tour with the UN to wartorn zones like Afghanistan and Uganda, to name a few, and the pictures he posted from there were a real eye-opener. They did more to open me up to humanity and humanity up to me, than endless news articles and documentaries have ever done. Showed me that we are all really just human beings, with our own pains and fears and hopes and dreams, trying to live life as best as we see fit.

My point, this fine Tuesday morning (when I should be working)? We could all do with a little bit of human empathy and compassion.

Can you tell that the holidays make me emotional and sappy? Urgh.

If you haven’t heard of HONY, and you care about what happens outside your own little bubble of a world, check these out:

(website) www.humansofnewyork.com



Trust me, you’ll be glad you did!

New Year Resolutions


Happy holidays!

Transitioning is never easy. I feel like I have lost my passion for writing – it has fallen through the cracks thanks to all the other hectic-ness (is that even a word?) that is my life.

Know what it took to get me back here today? A close friend of mine lost her elder brother a couple of days ago. He was in his 30s, had so many dreams, so many reasons to live (not the least of which was a wife and two kids) but yet, he couldn’t stay. Thinking about all the stuff he wanted to do ‘when I get well’ got me thinking…what if I never get the chance to do all of the stuff I want to do?

I mean, it’s all good and nice to have all these plans and hopes and dreams – but what are you actually doing about them? Are they realistic? Where do you wanna go with them? Do you have a real plan?

So last night, while lying in my bed and praying for sleep, I decided to myself that I would actually make New Year resolutions for 2015, and STICK to them! The plan is to pick 5 important, realisable, measurable things (no ‘I want to be a better person’ ish) and then track my progress. So, by putting it out here I’m making myself accountable to all of you. If I don’t accomplish these, feel free to call me out on it! Here goes:

1. Go back to school, get an Accounting qualification of some sort (online courses count)
2. Lose 20kg minimum
3. Blog more often, go bungee-jumping and/or parasailing
4. Do something life-changing for a person in need and unrelated to me
5. Save 50% of my annual salary.

Sounds reasonable, right? I’m determined that these won’t go the way of other New Year resolutions ie, forgotten by mid-February.

So, how about you? got any New Year resolutions of your own? Express you in the box below!

Happy Holidays!

Some people just never learn…


So, I woke up this morning to this story right here, with a little background from another story here, and immediately my stomach turned.

In resumé, over 15 Cameroonians have been arrested following lengthy undercover investigations, for Medicaid fraud of millions of dollars.

What is it with lazy people trying to give the rest of us Cameroonians a bad name? And what hurts even more is that some of these people are from my ethnic region. Plus, don’t get me started on the revolting shamelessness of using something as vital as healthcare (which people who are actually sick need) to get rich!

Non-Caucasians in general and Cameroonians in particular in the diaspora complain about discrimination, and ethnic/racial profiling, but sometimes we give our detractors the tools to hurt us. Did the Cameroonian community (those who were not directly involved in the scam) not know what they were doing? Why didn’t someone try to stop them? Why do we think that we can complain about corruption in our country, and then run off and do the same in another man’s country?

I think the Cameroonian government should start instituting punitive measures on such people. In addition to their property/accounts being seized abroad, their property/accounts should equally be seized in Cameroon. Crime should not benefit anyone, irrespective of the country. Maybe an extradition agreement should be looked into.

I’m off to tweet the President about it.

*rant over*

Have you heard this story? What do you think can be done to curb misrepresentation of a country (or region) by its people? Should our government play a part, or are they not responsible for what their citizens do abroad?

Happy New Year 2014!

A new dawn, a new day...and I'm feeling good!

A new dawn, a new day…and I’m feeling good!

Hehehehehe, we made it!

Finally, 2014 is here. After all the preparing and primping et al., 2014 is here. :D And December is over with all the partying :'(

I already know what my New Year resolutions are. I’ve got three:

1. To be debt free (lol, this was my end-of-year 2013 resolution. I guess it got carried over);

2. To be happy. By fire by force. The only person standing in the way of my happiness is me. I can choose to be happy with my life, change what makes me unhappy about my life, or wallow in self-pity. I already know what my choice will be.

3. To be a blessing to those I love, by being a better person, and by having a more positive impact in their lives. Too many horrible lowlifes out there, I need to celebrate the people who make life sweeter for me.

Got any New Year resolutions? Share them, I’d love to know… and Happy New Year 2014!!