I’ve always wondered about the power words had over my moods – my earliest memory is of locking myself in the bathroom, and staying in there for hours while chuckling or crying over a brilliantly-worded story! I bet my mum used to wonder what was wrong with me.

Anyways, with a lot of trepidation and a growing sense of excitement, I give you…My Blog. I like to call it ‘Expressions’; because all you see here will be an expression of who I truly am – my perception of life, love, and even death.

So thank you for joining me on this path to discovery. I look forward to exchanging with you. And if I ramble on too much, forgive me – I’ve got over 2 decades worth of words I need to say!




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  1. hey, lol my apologies for the misunderstanding. I’m usually oblivious like that. If you ever wanna chat, I’m usually on twitter @mythicvoice. or skype: omotola.ajibade

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