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I did it!!! My very own blog.


I may have said it before as a joke, but now I say it with all seriousness…blogging is DI-FFI-CULT! It’s not just about setting up the blog so that people can read what you have to say without jumping through hoops. It’s about being true to yourself, and at the same time being interesting, and providing people with food for thought.

And that is HARD!

Coz’ I may be interesting sometimes, but not everyday. Some days I’m broody. Other days I’m effervescent. It’s a constant yo-yo of emotions up in my head. Today I might lose you, tomorrow infuriate you, and the next day take you on an exhilarating trip through your thoughts – but I’ll always keep it real with you.

So, as you flip through the (virtual) pages of my diary, go easy on me. Remember I’m just a girl like any other, trying to find her way in this world, make her life count for something…

Oh what the heck, who cares? I’m expressing myself! 🙂