Are you Broadcasting your Stupidity?


Hello blogmunity! (ok, lame) How’s it hanging?

Forgive me while I rant, but this pet peeve of mine just got upgraded to monumental-pain-in-the-ass status, and I have to vent or I’ll go crazy!

The issue in question? Broadcasts. Blackberry, WhatsApp, and you can name the rest. Can I get a rolling of eyes and a long hiss!

Seriously, it’s disgraceful the way broadcasts have been bastardized and turned into a tool for perpetrating mischief, by persons who in my opinion, exhibit symptoms of the mentally-challenged. And I say mentally-challenged because if logical, sensible mental processes did not present a challenge to them, they’d have realized what I’m about to say a long time ago.

People, broadcasts are meant to pass across useful, vital and CORRECT information, which the broadcaster agrees with and believes in. When used properly, they are an ingenious method of mass communication – the problem is, some people use broadcasts as a means to advertise their stupidity and disseminate false, slanderous information. As if that isn’t bad enough, others jump on the bandwagon because they have been threatened with one bad event of the other (7 years of bad luck for refusing to share? seriously?!?!) or have taken temporary leave of their senses.

Please, before you send a broadcast, show proof that you went to school have a functional brain and some semblance of common sense – ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is the English (or French, or whatever your language of preference is) used in this broadcast, one which I would feel comfortable using in a speech given to a crowd? (Because guess what? a broadcast is the virtual equivalent of a speech! You might want to check your broadcast for spelling, punctuation, homophones, nonsense, etc).
  2. Is the information in the broadcast true and verified BY YOU? (Else you are just a gossip with a smartphone and no backbone.)
  3. Is the information logical (!!!!! don’t get me started here) and relevant to the recipients? (There’s a reason why the option of choosing the recipients of a broadcast exists.)

If you can’t answer all of the questions above in the affirmative, DO NOT SEND THAT BROADCAST!

We need to remember that our words make an impression on those they are directed at; that people view us, and rate us, according to what we propagate. When you propagate rubbish, don’t be surprised if/when you are taken for a dustbin. If you absolutely have to broadcast, please do so in an intelligent, considerate manner.

Have broadcasts ever annoyed you? Tell me about it in the comment box below, and don’t forget to like this post, and subscribe too!



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  1. I don’t even know where to start…..dumb serial broadcasters on my BBM(X_X). I deleted some of them last year, some I cnt even delete them cos they are people I relate with everyday and they refused to see what is wrong in sending m broadcast of a same robbery attack that took place back in April in July and still repeat it in Dec. I don’t open the BCs again…I jst end the chat immediately. I used to b so so ‘pissed’ @ serial broadcasters until the colored ‘slippers’ came out + color rioting called color blocking… Great job Tiki

  2. Serzly its high time dose dumbass mofos stopped that shit. I used to bother my head initially but now, i’ve stopped. Truth is;i can’t take u serz if u send me BCs. Some of dese BCs are so dumb!!like “today is wednesday.send dis to 15 people and tomorrow wil be thursday.Try it,it works”….i’m alw like wtf!!!So, dey shd keep demonstrating their stupidity.Weldone babes..i’m proud of u

  3. I wish some broadcasters can read dis… So annoying! I delete dem, and ones I can’t delete, stern warning… It baffles me seriously! “Send dis broadcast and ur dp wld change” “tomoro is 1st” etc… So annoying, dey’ve abused or rather insulted d use of broadcast
    Nice one though (y)

  4. E tire me o, I’m fed up of people sending me broadcasts that make absolutely no sense, I dropped my BB ages ago and thought I was rid of the nuisance thing, but they’ve crossed over to whatsapp and co. Sometimes I challenge the sender, but most times I just roll my eyes and go on with my day, while I ponder on how much common sense you have or how much of a mugu you are, to believe and be forwarding whatever nonsense the broadcast contains.

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