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101+ Black Hair Ideas: Part One


This was blogged by fellow blogger and friend of mine, Lydie E. of Art Becomes You. It’s been a great inspiration for me throughout my natural hair journey, and I hope it helps you too! Happy Reading, copying pasting, reblogging and implementing!

Art Becomes You

Everyone has a bad hair day. At least once fortnightly. That is the scary bitter truth. Instead of panicking, and letting your hair bring you down all day, it is best to have in mind tips that will always come in handy on such days.  When you get a new hairstyle, you have these cool ideas in your head that you just cannot wait to try out. You start experimenting these style ideas and only in the space of a week you’ve exhausted every single one of them. What next? You start getting bored with your hair, which leads to resenting it, which then leads to you not taking care of it…and we all know what happens to neglected hair (bought or natural). People start mistaking you for the Mad Hatter (Google it if you don’t know what he looks like) and we sure do not want that to happen.
I wrote…

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SAKER IS 50! – The Golden Jubilee Fashion smackdown.


So, if you haven’t guessed by now, I’m a proud product of Saker Baptist College Limbe! My alma mater recently clocked her 50th year of existence (29th January 1952 – 29th January 2012) and as you can imagine, it was hullabaloo and fanfare all the way!

Of course, yours truly was there in person, representing 2 generations of my family who passed through Saker (8 girls, including inlaws – we keep it in the family! *wink*) and I was fascinated with the outfits on display. On second thought, some of them were masterpieces, which could only belong in museums! So without further ado, I took out my camera, teamed up with fellow lovers of fashion Jessica and Ekei, and got down to saving the moment for posterity.

So after much hemming and hawing and public pleading (ahem ahem…are you rolling your eyes?)by Sakerettes at home and in the diaspora to put up these pics….abracadabra! This is just a little collection though, of the best dressed, and the most…ahem…innovative. For more pictures, including the video of us singing (shouting, really. lol) the Saker anthem, see my facebook page.

DISCLAIMER: The following pictures were taken in between moments of screaming from seeing old friends, singing Jubilee songs and mopping sweaty brows…I tell you, Limbe is hoooott! So if your face is out of focus/cropped out of the picture….it wasn’t me, it was Ekei who did it! 😉

Happy 50th, SAKER!

The Good, the Bad and the Fugly downright weird – Fashion Smackdown starts here!

Okay, I have to ease you into this thing, so let me start with the bags. Well, one kind of bag, actually. Seems like studs were IN in January (or maybe just at the jubilee? shrug). Oh well, we spotted these…















Of course, the bug eyes had to come out too! check these out…



















































Moving on to the outfits themselves, we saw a lot of trim in different colors, bows, frill, and froufrou. Suffice to say, tailors across the country and even the globe, were encouraged to let their creative juices run amok as everybody tried to imagine what everyone else would be wearing, and then create something better. I can’t find enough words to describe the outfits, so I just chose some of those I considered on both sides of the hotness pole. Enjoy! *evil grin*

So, there you have it! The fashion at the Saker Baptist College 50th anniversary celebrations gave many a person stories to tell! A big thank you to all those who let themselves be photographed for this feature, and most of all kisses, hugs and thanks to my fellow paparazzi, Jessica and Ekei, this post would not exist without you both!








paparazzi things

Rendez-vous on my FB page for more Jubilee fun, see you there!

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