My ‘almost’ travel woes


I have a newfound respect for people who trawl embassies trying to emigrate.

I mean, I’m not even trying to emigrate, but these last few days I have received some of the most appalling treatment ever, from an embassy. I’ll do a full review AFTER I have gotten my passport ( and hopefully visa) back, lol. Gats to stay smart. 😎

So this is me at 1:27 am, trawling (shout out to you guys by the way,  your Android app is amazing!!) trying to find a flight, more like series of flights, that will permit me catch up to my plans for the rest of the week. I think I’ve found a route via 3 different airlines with acceptable arrival time at destination. (Bored with this yet? Hang on a little longer. There’s a point in here somewhere). Email sent off for ticket confirmation, and all I can do now is wait. So I get back into bed. And then the doubts start rolling in. Will my flight be on time? Will I miss the connections? What do I do if the flights get cancelled?

My biggest fear and the point I’m trying to make? The aviation industry in this part of the world is rubbish!!! Oh, we’ve got (minimal) coverage. What we cannot pretend to have is reliability. I’ve had flights cancelled without warning  flight times brought forward  (!!!!!!), postponed for a week, consistently late, etc. And of course, all this without any notification whatsoever.

So I’m here sweating blood,  shitting bricks and begging God to give me a break, otherwise my hair’s gonna start falling out from the stress. And this seemed like the perfect place to rant.

Lol, sorry.

PS : I’m getting good at typing long paragraphs on a purely touchscreen phone. Yay me!
PPS : any typos are down to the phone. Grammatical errors are all mine tho. Forgive me. I’m sleepy.


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