New Year Resolutions


Happy holidays!

Transitioning is never easy. I feel like I have lost my passion for writing – it has fallen through the cracks thanks to all the other hectic-ness (is that even a word?) that is my life.

Know what it took to get me back here today? A close friend of mine lost her elder brother a couple of days ago. He was in his 30s, had so many dreams, so many reasons to live (not the least of which was a wife and two kids) but yet, he couldn’t stay. Thinking about all the stuff he wanted to do ‘when I get well’ got me thinking…what if I never get the chance to do all of the stuff I want to do?

I mean, it’s all good and nice to have all these plans and hopes and dreams – but what are you actually doing about them? Are they realistic? Where do you wanna go with them? Do you have a real plan?

So last night, while lying in my bed and praying for sleep, I decided to myself that I would actually make New Year resolutions for 2015, and STICK to them! The plan is to pick 5 important, realisable, measurable things (no ‘I want to be a better person’ ish) and then track my progress. So, by putting it out here I’m making myself accountable to all of you. If I don’t accomplish these, feel free to call me out on it! Here goes:

1. Go back to school, get an Accounting qualification of some sort (online courses count)
2. Lose 20kg minimum
3. Blog more often, go bungee-jumping and/or parasailing
4. Do something life-changing for a person in need and unrelated to me
5. Save 50% of my annual salary.

Sounds reasonable, right? I’m determined that these won’t go the way of other New Year resolutions ie, forgotten by mid-February.

So, how about you? got any New Year resolutions of your own? Express you in the box below!

Happy Holidays!


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