Happy New Year 2014!


A new dawn, a new day...and I'm feeling good!

A new dawn, a new day…and I’m feeling good!

Hehehehehe, we made it!

Finally, 2014 is here. After all the preparing and primping et al., 2014 is here. 😀 And December is over with all the partying 😥

I already know what my New Year resolutions are. I’ve got three:

1. To be debt free (lol, this was my end-of-year 2013 resolution. I guess it got carried over);

2. To be happy. By fire by force. The only person standing in the way of my happiness is me. I can choose to be happy with my life, change what makes me unhappy about my life, or wallow in self-pity. I already know what my choice will be.

3. To be a blessing to those I love, by being a better person, and by having a more positive impact in their lives. Too many horrible lowlifes out there, I need to celebrate the people who make life sweeter for me.

Got any New Year resolutions? Share them, I’d love to know… and Happy New Year 2014!!


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  1. -Debt free is definitely one of mine lol #ohdear.
    -also treat myself, treat myself, treat myself. It’s been about others for so long. now is me time. #sorryboos 🙂
    -Double (at least) my blog traffic.
    -Cut my hair…:)
    happy new year Tiki xx

    • lol MsAidyl, this debt thing is a ‘wah”! I like the ‘treat myself’ part – I hope I get to do that too! Cut your hair?!?! why why where? No!!! Remember when we were in boarding school and all we could dream about was hair that could ‘hold one’?

      Happy New Year luv…

      • hahaha i still have that dream. But i was transitioning and my relaxed hair has just really gone out of hand. I’m trimming off those bits. My natural hair is ‘holdable’. So am not doing a real cut per se:)

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