So I’m not a mother yet, but this is hilariously true…Two thumbs up for all hands-on mothers, career women or no, who bend over backwards to take care of their families!

*calling my mother*

Benir Vida

Yesterday I posted a short piece about how much I enjoy being friends with my spouse and the importance of finding the humor in a long term relationship.  So in the interest of balanced representation here, I think it’s only fair that tonight’s brief reflection be – how shall we say – a little less glowing of our counterparts.

Note to men, or masculine partners anywhere… Or for that matter, note to half of couple who is NOT the person at home with children most of the time.

When I say, “Oh my freaking [insert appropriate deity’s name to take in vain here], it has been the longest day and I am flipping exhausted because I never get a moment OFF to just be myself…” 

When I say that, that is your cue to tell me I am amazing and you deeply admire and respect my Herculean ability to balance…

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