So, He Got Down On One Knee…


lol, just kidding, nobody proposed! Ahem Ahem

Hey guys! Been ages since we last hooked up, but the job has been killing me – 14 hr days and all. I’m so tired I’ve started falling asleep in the middle of phone conversations, lol! *hides face*

Ok, on to today’s topic. Like any other girl out there, I have indulged in a few minutes (hehehe, hours) of daydreaming thinking  about being proposed to, and where it will happen, what I will say, who should be there, etc. A couple of days ago, I was trying to relax my brain and came across a couple of videos of guys proposing to their girlfriends. After checking out the video of the guy who proposed to his girlfriend in a cinema (see it here) and the guy who got 60+ family and friends to dance out his proposal to his girlfriend (here) I went all mushy and stuff, thinking how sweet it was.

I gotta say, it has to take a lot of courage though! I mean, imagine going through all of that hoopla only for the girl to say ‘No’, lol!Wouldn’t that be an epic ‘Proposal Gone Wrong’ moment?

I for one am not quite sure I ever want to be proposed to in front of family and friends. Knowing my mother, she’ll probably jump up and down and shout ‘Yes! Yes!’ and just ruin that moment of trepidation on his face for me. Am I mean or what? lol. Plus, I like some things to be kept private. And it’ll be so much easier to refuse when you don’t have eyes boring into your back.

So girls (and guys, I know y’all think about it too!), what kind of proposal have you dreamed of? Would you like it in private or in public? And if you’ve been proposed to/or done the proposing before, what would you change about it?


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  1. I’ll propose to you over a plate of amala and ewedu soup. (N.B. the proposal ring will be hidden in the amala)

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