Out of Sight = Out of Mind?


Hello my good people!

Abeg wona no halla me ya, I know I’ve been missing in the blogosphere, but I promise it’s not my fault. Between my boss and my mother, my time is no longer my own.

This post is going to be short, but I would really like to know what you think so leave a comment, will you? The ‘dikalo’ for today is, Long-Distance Relationships, LDRs for short.

Let’s begin with definitions. In my mind, any relationship which involves a journey above 4hrs for the parties to be able to see each other, is a long distance relationship. Of course, there are categories. Douala – Yaounde is an LDR, but USA – Cameroon is a senior LDR…that one involves not only time, but intricate planning and enough money to pay house rents for a year.

Recently, a couple of dear friends whose relationships I was rooting for succumbed to the pressure most LDRs are put under, and broke up. As a veteran of LDRs (if you like laff, yes, I gree!) I was a bit bothered, because they had seemed to be doing everything right, but it just didn’t work out.

As always, I put my thinking cap on. What makes a long-distance relationship work? what are some of the do’s and don’ts? Let me get you started:

– Do keep in touch – if you can’t call or text, a facebook message, tweet, ping etc is still welcome;

– Do share even the minutest details of your day with your partner. The bond between you is built on the mundane, and not the spectacular;

– Don’t go to bed angry with each other – unlike other couples, you can’t kiss and make-up;

– Don’t become jealous over every outing/friend your partner mentions, as this will alienate them very quickly.

What other dos and don’ts do you have? Are LDRs worth the headache? Would you get into an LDR? Let’s share!


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  1. hmmm, i am on the fence with this one. Because like you said LDRs require a lot of work and money (travelling, long distance calls, and gifts); so all of the tips above and more, would not help if all the effort was coming from one person in the relationship. So that effort, passion and dedication need to be coming from us two.I Communication and attention need to be reciprocal. Well in my case, if he supplies 75% I will fill in the blanks…hehehe:)

  2. I have no comment on long distance relationships besides saying am never doing it again. I had a horrible experience. Things where not going find when my LDR and when i did decide to break it off..he got engaged 2 months later to someone else…..which tells me he was 2 -timing me the whole damn time…sorry if this is coming out as a vent but i am here to serve the warning..lol..sorry tk…but if you do embark on a LDR ..i guess make sure u have someone in his town to keep tabs on him or something

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